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Chapters - Road Trip

An erotic adventure.

The story contains the recorded conversation with two of three disillusioned high school students who decide to take a break from high school and have an erotic adventure.

"After that evening we included her in our plans and while the thought of sharing a woman had never crossed our minds, doing it seemed so easy. We were not virgins, but not very experienced. Id tried it with a few girls and balled one of my aunts who was 10 years older then me.

We took Tori's sexiness in our stride and we were so happy. The day of leaving came on real fast, and although we had our sights set on Los Angeles, Tori's folks requested us to drop someone in Mackinaw. This was no trouble and I factored that we had enough cash to fuel a few detours.

We were so excited, we hardly slept the night before we left. When we picked up Tori it seemed like we were dreaming. She looked so hot, her long dark hair blowing in the morning breeze and the way her breasts moved, or rather how her nipples made out dents in the fabric of her top and her long legs went all the way up to a short skirt. As soon as we were away from the house, she gave us both a big kiss and sat between us as we took the one hour drive to Cath's house.

Id told my folks we were going to CA via the west coast and Mum asked that since we were going the long way, could we drop my cousin up to Mackinaw. A phone call sorted that and the next morning mum waved goodbye and we drove around to pick up Cath.

I sat between them, a hand on each cock for a while just to remind them that sexually I was theirs. I was distracting Dan's driving but he managed a little return fondle to prove my point that I wore no underwear and I enjoyed Alex touching a little further, but when we arrived at Cath's house, I suggested Alex should sit in the back with her.

I hadnt seen her for ages as she went to a different school and she looked so much better than I last saw her. I began telling her how lovely these boys were and as the Jeep had warmed up, I suggested she undress a little and by the time we were on the freeway she was naked.

I knew Cath loved sex and I almost felt obliged to see my boys right as I doubted my ability to accommodate them both and we had not yet discussed how often we would have sex.

She was a hot blonde who wore little more than a fabulous smile. She got in the back with Alex and Tori straightaway started talking sex with her. Cath just stripped off and made out with Alex. I regretted being the driver but Tori's hand stayed in my pants, so I drove with a half hard on for another hour until I finally had to do something, I pulled off the freeway and we found a deserted park area near Bay City.

I could feel Dan's growing desire, so I suggested we stop somewhere and scratch that itch. He found a side road and he deliciously banged me against a tree while Alex and Cath did it again. I'm still not sure what it is about men and their penises, I just like them and against a tree or anywhere I'll open my legs and pray they last the distance to satisfy me. Dan did the job nicely and from the sounds Cath was making, Alex was doing a good thing to.

After that we were pretty relaxed and we went to a caf for coffee and food. The girls almost stopped traffic and every man turned is head to look, even the women stared a little. It made us feel great and on seeing our reflections with the two girls, we all looked really hot."

46 pages, 15000 words by Dianna Reeves

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