Family fun

Hi Dianna, I read a couple of your stories about a year ago and to be honest, I didn’t really think much about them beyond a few ideas to masturbate to. But since then I’ve been going to yoga, meditating and then recently I had this crazy sexy experience that I just have to tell someone, so this is what happened.

We moved into this new house about six months ago and when I was setting up my room, I

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The rape game

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A Xmas Party

For grown ups

Hi, I’m Shelley. My cousin Kenneth and I volunteered to help entertain the kids at an end of year Christmas party. We both dressed up as Santa and the little kids that sat on my knee didn’t seem to mind that I was a girl even though with a Santa hat and beard, sure that some of them couldn’t tell.

The party went well and the parents were so happy they invited Kenneth and myself to

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Enter Nigel

A Christmas Tale, part two of a Xmas let go. Pt1 The office walls were frosted glass thankfully, but the door to my office was open. As I walked towards the door while still adjusting my skirt to meet my client, I saw that I’d left my knickers on the floor near the drinks cabinet. But there he was in the doorway, 6 foot four and clearly a man who worked out wearing board shorts and a T-shirt.

His appearance

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Oh Fatso

A Christmas Tale, part one of a Xmas let go

On Christmas Eve we’d organised Christmas for the kids, and had everything packed for them to spend the holiday break with their cousins upstate. But for me being the junior partner in a law firm, I had been elected to work over on a few cases due in court in the coming weeks.

But on that Christmas eve night I dreamt of making out with Santa Claus which was weird

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A First Date

one of my profile pics

I arranged to meet Dan for a coffee in a waterfront cafe and after my last experience with a guy who turned out to be a total jerk, I took along a couple of girlfriends for backup. My friends and I arrived 15 minutes early and died already finished a cup of coffee before I saw Dan arrive.

We’d been talking on friend finder and Skype for a week and I was keen on

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Problem sleeping


I’d been on a roll for a the past few weeks and now with my career on track, I was so excited. In celebration we had a nice party at the Hilton although most the team got a bit drunk and I probably drink a little too much myself.

Part way through the evening I went off to use the bathroom and Simon the head accountant who I had to be nice to followed me. Well, I’d done my

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Jody's Wisdom

Part four of Jody’s journey

Part one – part two – part three

Jody spent a year treading the rivers of indifference and cold streets of pride in California. She spoke a deep and ancient truth that was applauded by those who were sufficiently enlightened, but her key message was like that of the Buddha, that people always had a choice.

Despite the corruption of civilisation and that most people endured a lifetime of suffering, it was eminently possible to

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Jody's magical life

Part three of Jody’s journey

Part one – part two

On the night that Jody walked away from the farmstead, she and the two mountain lions walked for about four hours before they lay down together and slept. Before dawn one of the cats went away for an hour and returned with a couple of rabbits. Jody ate a token portion of meat and as the animals ate their breakfast, she ate some wild dandelions. She didn’t see or hear

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Jody's Journey

Part 2 of 4 – Part one..

Jodie travelled around the Midwest all summer, she enjoyed the freedom and her rather licentious lifestyle. Some of the men she really enjoyed and others she was tolerant of, but either way she never conveyed any dissatisfaction. There were occasional nights when she had no money and slept rough, but many men gave her a few dollars

As winter came on she went south to Florida and a series of relationships of convenience.

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